• Gobinda Roy
    Founder Principal of Dhaka Art College
    M.F.A (Drawing & Painting)
The Fine Art Institute, Dhaka Art College, is established to enhance education, art and culture. It is directed by the reputed artists and professors of fine arts department of Dhaka University. There is a great opportunity to study in a little cost here. Though there are some Fine Art Institutes out side of Dhaka city, every body cherish a dream in mind to study in the capital. Because of employment every student has to come in Dhaka after completing their study. Considering that our institute established in compliance with all other fine art college in the country.

I strongly believed that, the institute will bloom creative intelligence among the new artist in compliance with modern world of 21st century. Enhancing sense of art and new thinking according to the tradition and culture is our main goal and ideology. May Fine Arts education be one of the means to life and livelihood! We encourage the new generation to ahead.